Credits for my stuff!

Please check out these people and resources that helped me out!

A good chunk of the art for my channel is by either @fortune__cat or my wonderful partner, @ChCherryCola! Please go give them the love and support they deserve!

Various panel art, backgrounds, and emotes by @fortune__cat and @ChCherryCola!

More backgrounds by @ChCherryCola!, @MellowSeaGoat, @zellkabellk, and @MeowXXII (list will be updated as time goes on)

Some other art done by either myself or a close friend

Pokemon Overlay Assets: StarberryVi

Windows Style Overlay Assets: NerdOrDie and the-broken-0ne

Chat bubbles:Zaytri

Various assets gathered from this Tumblr blog

Help and resources for this very website was gathered from this other, cooler website

If you noticed I've missed something, please let me know, either through or an email, and I will look into it!